Webinar Software:  Unlock the Key to Dynamic Online Tutoring Sessions

You might not realize it but the webinar software you use in your classes can significantly affect your business.  

What webinar software do you use?  Jump down the page and share your story.

If you are not using the right software, your classes with lack that special something and your students will focus more on the platform than on the content of your classes. (No matter how cool the software is, you don't want to your student distracted by it.)

Reviewing all the available programs and software can be overwhelming.  It can be especially difficult to choose, when you have never used the product or service.

First step to choosing the right software for you...

Savy Tip

If you aren't sure, start with free software.

Skype is a great option for getting started and will allow you to get your feet wet.


No whiteboard.

Can't share documents like PPT or PDFs.

Answer the following question:  

Are you willing to pay for your software or do you want to stick to free services?

There are some excellent free services, like Skype, but free services (like Edufire, and Anymeeting) have significant limitations as well.  

Sometimes free comes with a cost...your integrity and image is on the line.

Some paid software (like Webex webinar, Cisco webinarAdobe webinar or Goto Webinar) provide you with more interaction and the ability to do almost anything you can do "face to face".

Click on the links above (coming soon) to check out each platform.

Webinar Information

Soon this page will be bursting with information on webinars.  

Everything including what they are, how to host one, how much they cost and software options.

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Do You Use a Whiteboard?

  • Which whiteboard software should you try?
  • How does an online whiteboard work?  A tutorial coming soon.
  • Is a digital whiteboard fundamental to your online tutoring sessions?  Why some tutors swear by it while others work without it.

What Webinar Software Do You Use?

Is there one program or tool that you absolutely love?

I'm curious to know more. Have you always used this software? Did you end up using a couple "lemons" before discovering your preferred software?

I'd love to hear what your experience has been what specific features make webinar software worth using.

What webinar software are we going to look at?

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Additional Information

  • Why should you consider using classroom management software?
  • Do all webcams come with webcam software, or do you need to download and install them yourself?
  • Discover a profitable secret; a webcam recorder.
  • Which classroom management software is the most efficient while easy to use?
  • Let's look at some tutoring software and see if it delivers what it promises.  I'm curious to check out tutorfi in particular.
  • Discover why online tutoring software might be a waste of money.
  • How can e-learning software make you a better online tutor?
  • Online teaching software
  • Does your business need curriculum management software?

Taking the time to learn more about what webinar software your online tutoring business will use is an important step to starting your own business.  For more advice and tips visit the start your online business section here.

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